Where Your Customers Will Find You in the New Wave That’s About to Become a New Reality for Businesses

May 8, 2020

In the new era of novel Coronavirus, the digital market has become the only economy where businesses are doing actual business. Staying at home and social distancing has become the new normal and might be here with us for a long time, but as we begin visualizing life after COVID-19, we must begin to think about how we will adjust. Do you think the internet might be the next resort for all kinds of businesses and customer experience now and maybe to eternity? But the main question here is where you need to begin to place your business in line with the fastest growing economy.

You’ll notice that to run a business of any size- from, a startup, to small local business, to a big public company, you’ll unconsciously need to be VISIBLE to your potential customers. You’ll need to share information on different aspects of your business like your location, industry, addresses, social media pages, contact information and a description of the products you deal in and maybe their pictorials. What if I told you that has been sorted in a one stop platform? Easy, Autlyn!

Autlyn.biz is a web-based platform aiming to build economies of the future. Being a premier and unmatched online business listing platform with a powerful search engine, Autlyn helps customers experience exceptional ease in locating a listed business including its physical location and contact info and also have an easy walk through business’ showcased range of products in a website like interface for each business. By creating a community of businesses dealing in all sectors of an economy, customers are able to experience a one stop showroom of all products and services.

The motivation behind Autlyn was creation of a timeless visibility platform to enhance e-commerce, for startups to big companies and that’s what Autlyn is. A timeless business visibility platform with a mission of showcasing businesses to the world and easing ebuying. In the core of the design, the platform offers a series of solutions to both the businesses and the customers:

The customers are able to enjoy a series of benefits including ease of ebuying, easy search of products and services via our one point search platform, easily locating a business they are looking for, companies contact info, a wide variety of products and services, instant online feedback via online chat platforms like WhatsApp, a collection of multiple sellers, call for price options, rating and review of products section among other timeless solutions.

Listed businesses are able to showcase their products to the world, enjoy a reduced marketing cost, a single point for sharing their business information including social media pages, physical location, physical addresses and most importantly showcase their ranges of products and services on a free website in our platform. Business have a very secure and easy to use sign up page and a simplified and highly secure back end for uploading their business information, products and products pictures.

In the design, Autlyn’s cloud- based infrastructure helps provide simplicity, security, reliability and scalability. 

To help you join the fastest growing economy in this unpredictable times, Autlyn is removing the barriers to online commerce by taking care of your customer experience, business visibility and easy management of a business online. In turn helping in expediting your business growth and increasing your economic output and your ability to trade globally.

Autlyn offers its dedication in ensuring the best experience in ecommerce, customer experience and a promise of timeless quality. 

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