Uhuru’s Bodyguard “Complains of Embarrassment” After Being Arrested in Curfew Drama

April 15, 2020

An officer attached to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security detail was left embarrassed after he was arrested on Sunday night past curfew hours.

A police report at Embakasi Division indicates that the incident happened at around 10 pm at a roadblock erected at the former GSU training school junction.

The report states that Major-General Ayub Matiri, the Commanding Officer of the National Command Centre for Covid-19, was at the roadblock when a misunderstanding arose between him and Uhuru’s bodyguard.

“His(Major Gen) observation was that most of the violators of the curfew order were police officers and army officers. He communicated the same to the IG-NPS,” the report notes, adding that during that time, “there came Mr Kiragu SP who is attached to Prescot (Presidential Escort Unit) and the Major Gen. ordered him to drive back to where he was coming from.”

Kiragu reportedly tried to explain that he was coming from work and was going to his residence to sleep as he was reporting on duty early in the morning.

“A misunderstanding arose and the Maj. Gen. called the Inspector General accusing Kiragu of lacking discipline and had a gun,” the report says.

The Maj. Gen. handed over the phone to the Officer Commanding Embakasi who was instructed by the IG to “disarm the officer, arrest him and place him in cells.”

The officer was disarmed and arrested but was never booked after further instructions from the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai.

“The officer was escorted to Embakasi Police Station but before he could be booked in, consultations were made and the IG instructed that he be released. He was released at around 2300 hrs and he left while complaining about embarrassment,” the report notes.

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