“There Is No Fame In The Bible” – Pastor Mr Tee to Gospel Artistes

March 10, 2020

With the urban gospel music scene in Kenya spiraling out of control, City preacher and TV host Mr Tee has reminded artistes that God never called them to be famous.

In a recent interview, the ‘Angaza’ show host said the gospel ministry is about spreading the word of God and not seeking fame.

We have those who are benefiting financially and those who are benefiting out of fame, God never called us to be famous, there is no fame in the bible. God called us to be great and that’s why that language needs to be understood. Fame dies with men, fame is created by men, Greatness is a seed in a man that is transferred from one generation to another that’s why all great men are famous but not all famous men are great,” said Mr Tee.

He added: “Gospel is the good news about Christ; being crucified, resurrecting and reigning. If you sing about mmomonyoko wa udongo you are not doing a gospel song that’s an environmental song. Going to church doesn’t make you a believer, the same way if you sleep in a garage you don’t wake up a car.”

Mr Tee noted that pretentious gospel artistes go to church but lack “the fruit of the spirit”.

We have many secular artists who go to church and they are not saved and we have many gospel artistes who go to church and they don’t have the fruit of the spirit. The bible says we shall know them by their fruit. Secular means without God, Gospel means talking about God,” he said.

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