Juliani Set To Drop 13-Track Album ‘Masterpiece’

March 12, 2020

Contemporary Kenyan rapper Juliani is finally set to unleash new music in the way of a new album titled ‘Masterpiece’.

The ‘Exponential Potential’ rap star is expected to release the project next month. ‘Masterpiece’ is Juliani’s fourth album and it contains 13 tracks.

He explained the inspiration behind the album, saying: “Masterpiece tackles your faults as a person that sometimes make you feel inadequate. Every day people feel that and that is why I related to it.”

Juliani said there is nothing wrong with acknowledging when you are at your lowest moment.

“Like for me, an artiste who has been there for a while, I feel like the expectations are high, but all we need to do is to share our problems,” he said.

One of the tracks is dubbed Tuesday and it talks about heartbreaks.

“If you have been through heartbreak, you know what this feels like,” he said.

Juliani, who hosted a lyrics reading event of the album last month, said ‘Masterpiece’ has been four years in the making because of other projects.

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