Why Collo Wouldn’t Work on a Remix of Nyashinski’s ‘Mungu Pekee’

March 12, 2020

Secular-turned gospel rapper Collo Mfalme has ruled out the possibility of working with Nyashinski on a remix of his chart-topping single ‘Mungu Pekee’.

‘Mungu Pekee’ was Nyashinski’s second single following his industry-shaking comeback in the music scene three years ago. The track, which has over 7.7 million views to date, was largely considered a gospel song.

But according to Collo, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Mungu Pekee is not a gospel song

“That song is not a gospel song, it is not based on the scripture. For a song to be gospel it has to be based on the scriptures,” said Collo on Ghetto Radio’s ‘Brekko’ show.

“I would not jump in at the opportunity to do a remix for Mungu Pekee because it is not scriptural,” he added.

Collo, who formed the hip-hop group ‘Kleptomaniax alongside Nyashinski and Roba, also revealed that Shinski reached out for them to perform their hit ‘Tuendelee’ but he refused.

He also explained what constitutes a gospel song citing his recent release, ‘conqueror’.

“My song conqueror is based on the scripture. That is a gospel song based on Romans 8:37. Sauti Sol’s kuliko jana is also not a Gospel song. How can you say God loves you today better than yesterday? His love does not change,” Collo stated.

The rapper is set to drop his first gospel album on 10th April 2020.

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