Corazon: “Social Media Fame Made Me Quit Law”

February 19, 2020

Popular Kenyan Instagram personality Corazon Kwamboka has disclosed that social media fame spelled the end of her law career.

In an interview with ChatSpot on Switch TV, Ms Kwamboka, who became internet-famous thanks to her voluptuous curves, said she was scared to pursue law because social media misjudged her and labeled her as a socialite.

“It made me not practice law. I felt that at some point, I was being misjudged in a way so I kinda pulled back from practicing law. I didn’t even want to go look for a job because I was scared ‘how will they even give me the job’. It(social media) also affected a lot of my relationships since I became Corazon Kwamboka the socialite,” she said,

The socialite, who is currently in a relationship, added that the attention she gets affected her relationships because the guys she dated felt insecure.

“Usually the guys get insecure because of the comments on social media and the perception they get…they feel like ‘yeah I know you in person’ but few months down the line the insecurity kicks in. They start asking ‘why is this guy sending you a message?’, ‘Why are you going to the club?” said Corazon.

During the interview, a fan also asked whether Corazon would like to have a baby in the future. “Kindly ask Corazon if she would like to have a baby in future” asked the fan.

Corazon replied: “2020 baby.

Asked how she maintains her figure, Corazon attributed it to genes saying most of her family have big hips and a small waist. Noting that she has grown bigger with time, Corazon said her waist size is 28 and her hips are 51.

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