‘If Your Man is Cheating, Look at Your Four Closest Friends’ – Pastor Burale

February 19, 2020

City preacher and motivational speaker Robert Burale has spoken out against infidelity in relationships saying both men and women are to blame for the rampant vice.

Noting that men don’t cheat on themselves, the image consultant said that women are their own worst enemies. According to Burale, women whose spouses are unfaithful should suspect their closest friends.

I blame both men and women because the man is cheating with another woman. Women have become their own worst enemies. Chances are very high that if your man is cheating on you look at your four closest friends.

“I’ll tell you that without fear of contradiction or batting an eyelid. The person who is the most dangerous is the one you trust. It is the one you run to and say these are the issues I’m going through. She is the one who befriends you to cover up what she is doing with your husband. Not always but in most cases yes,” Burale said during ‘Mancave Discussion’ on Switch TV.

Burale also addressed emotional cheating after a woman asked for advice because her husband doesn’t open up to her. She said he confides in another woman instead.

“Emotional cheating is one of the most powerful things. Let me tell every woman today, when your man finds comfort in another woman even if they haven’t slept together, that’s so powerful. Negatively so,” he said.

The former Fashion Watch panelist at Citizen TV advised women in such situations to confront their men instead of going after the other woman.

He explained that some men keep things to themselves because they don’t want to show vulnerability. Others, he said, do so when they have done something wrong and they don’t want their partner to find out.

For someone to say he loves and respects me that’s why he keeps it away from me, the fact that a man cheats on you shows he does not love and respect you. It comes a time when you have to put your foot down.

“In this day and age there are diseases and the worst thing is you walking with your husband or wife and the people who are sleeping with you are there saying you look good together. Protect your home because the moment you introduce two or three people that becomes a coalition government,” said Burale.

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