Bottle Top Challenge: King Kaka Adds Humorous Twist to New Viral Craze

July 10, 2019

The world over is still going gaga over the new viral craze, Bottle Top Challenge, where people attempt to knock the cap off a bottle without using their hands.

Kazakh Taekwondo champion Farabi Davletchi kickstarted the challenge, with plenty of A-list celebrities taking part as it went viral.

Closer home, Kenyans and their celebrity counterparts haven’t really gotten in the groove of the craze. Comedian Eric Omondi is one of only a few Kenyans who have challenged themselves to the Bottle Top Challenge.

While Eric did manage to get a couple of laughs from his fans, it is King Kaka who has ‘won’ the challenge (at least according to his fans). This is after he posted a video showing him removing a bottle top with ‘supernatural’ powers.

King Kaka captioned his challenge using a line from his latest collab, Kula Vako, with the Kansoul; “Hatutawai Fanana kama Pati Pati za Lodging,” he wrote.

Check it out below

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