Some Gospel Artistes Use Witchcraft – DK Kwenye Beat

June 26, 2019

DK Kwenye Beat has now blamed his recent woes on gospel singers in the industry who practice witchcraft.

Speaking five months after he was accused of rape and infecting a 20-year-old fan with Herpes, the singer maintained his innocence.

“First of all, I chose to clear this during my birthday because I don’t want to ever talk about it. I want to put this clear today that I did not rape anyone. I am not sick. I have all the results, and she was not my lover.

The singer also denied he was the voice behind a leaked audio recording in which he allegedly made fun of the rape incident. “The leaked audio that was circulated was not me.”

According to DK, the said girl was used by his enemies in the gospel industry to tarnish his image.

“Five percent of them are people in the gospel industry and they use witchcraft. They even know that I know them. Two percent of them are people in a chama, and three percent are people with a bad heart.”

However, the singer did not disclose the artistes saying he will one day name them.

“We are not perfect, and that is why I chose to give them time. I have lost reputation, I have lost deals but I know I did not lose my God,” he said in an interview at Radio Jambo.

DK further declared that he will not forgive those who wronged him.

“The fact that I can’t change the whole scenario affects me so much, but I know it is only God who can save and redeem me from that,” he said.

“I will not forgive those who were involved in bringing me down, and I don’t wish any good for them.”

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