Ben Pol’s New Message to Artistes in Anerlisa’s DM

June 26, 2019

Ben Pol has come out to say that he meant no ill will when he mentioned some of the artistes who have been communicating with his fiancee Anerlisa Muigai on social media.

The Bongo star caused quite the stir earlier this month saying celebrities such Khaligraph Jones, Harmonize, and Shettah were in Anerlisa’s DMs. Of the three, Harmonize was seemingly the most offended as he hit back accusing Ben Pol of seeking publicity for his new song.

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But Ben Pol now says that his remarks were blown out of proportion and there’s no bad blood with the said artistes.

“Ile story ilikuwa exaggerated sana. Kwa kweli niliona majina yao lakini sikuisema kama kitu kibaya wala sikuisema kama nimekasirika kwa sababu to be honest hakuna maneno mabaya yalikuwa yameandikwa. Kama kungekuwa na kitu kibaya kimeandikwa ningewatafuta personally. DM sio kitu kibaya jamani. So haikuwa story mbaya na sikuwa na shida na mtu niliisema tu kikawaida na hakukuwa na mpango wowote. Washikaji wasiskie vibaya mimi kusema vile. Sina matatizo nao at all at all, it’s all about love,”  said Ben Pol.

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