“I’m Praying For You,” Prezzo Blasts Jaguar Over Inciteful, Xenophobic Remarks

June 27, 2019

There’s still no love lost between former foes turned friends – rapper Prezzo and musician-turned politician Jaguar.

The Starehe MP has come under fire this week following his alleged inciteful remarks against foreign traders at Kamukunji on Monday.

Addressing traders in the area, the MP gave a 24hour ultimatum to the government to act against Chinese and other foreign traders in the country or else he would mobilize people and carry out the forceful evictions himself.

Following complaints from Kenyans and a supposed diplomatic tiff with the Tanzanian government, Kenyan authorities arrested Jaguar on Wednesday afternoon outside parliament buildings. The DCI said he is a suspect of Incitement to Violence as they took him in for questioning.

And as Kenyans continued to condemn the MP and others took to the streets to protest his arrest, rapper Prezzo was among those who blasted Jaguar on social media.

The rapper, who made peace and released a song with Jaguar last year, appeared to question the MP’s leadership credentials.

Prezzo lectured Jaguar that a proper leader does not resort to violence and incitement, especially against our regional neighbours Tanzania and Uganda.

He said he is praying to God to give Jaguar the strength to become a better development-oriented leader.

“My brother @jaguarkenya sijui nianzie wapi lakini matamshi yako ya jana hayakuleta shangwe kamwe. Maana ya kiongozi ni kuwaongoza watu wako kwa njia mwafaka na sio vita au uchonganishi hasa hasa kwa majirani zetu Tanzania na Uganda. Sisi wote tunatafuta riziki duniani ili tuweze kulisha familia zetu na kujenga nchi yetu. Kuna wakenya wanatafuta riziki kwa nchi zingine mbali na Kenya so uamuzi wako wa kuipa serikali masaa ishirini na nne kuwatoa wafanyikazi wenye biashara zao ambao sio wakenya ulichemsha. Anyway nakuombea Mungu akupe nguvu ili uweze kuwa kiongozi wa maendeleo. #Rapcellency”

Meanwhile, Jaguar has maintained that his remarks were misinterpreted.

“My sentiments echoed on Monday with a directive to C.S Matiang’i was meant for the Chinese who have invaded our markets making businesses almost unbearable bearing for our citizens. I am not against any regional unions that are meant to promote both local and regional trade.

“My recent sentiments over the invading of our market by foreigners have been greatly misinterpreted. I mean peace for the country and businesses should go on uninterupted and all foreigners are welcome to our country.”

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