Shaffie Weru Now a Father of Four after Adopting Girl

June 27, 2019

Radio personality Shaffie Weru is still growing his family following the addition of a baby girl. The Switch TV presenter is now a father of four after adopting a little girl.

“I now have four kids. I have two adopted kids and two of my own. I adopted a girl recently so I have one adopted son and one adopted girl,” Shaffie told Pulse Live.

According to the self-proclaimed ‘Raverend’, he comes from a big family and loves kids so it was only right that he added a fourth child.

“I am a fatherly person. I came from a big family. Four is a good number,” he said adding that he is open to having more.

“You never know (I might get more). When it was at three I was comfortable. It depends on the blessings and the chums as they come in because every kid comes with their own problems and budget.”

The radio guru has two biological daughters – Milan and Nia – with baby mamas Debbie and Jada Joan. There’s also son Tyron Jabali who he adopted when he started dating Jada.

Shaffie says the best part about being a father is seeing his children grow.

“Seeing my kids grow, every birthday is a milestone to me and that is why I always make sure it’s a big deal. That’s why I always celebrate their birthdays. You know majority of people decide to celebrate certain milestones like 5 years, 10 years or 15 years me every trip around the sun is very important to me,” he said.

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