“I Didn’t Have a Child to Generate Revenue.” Avril on Hiding Baby’s Face

June 25, 2019

After keeping her pregnancy under wraps for the longest time, singer Avril has continued with the same energy after she gave birth to a baby boy. One year on, the musician is still yet to unveil her baby’s face to the public.

The 33-year-old singer is also quite protective of the father of her child, leaving many of her fans to speculate.

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Speaking about why she prefers to keep her family away from the limelight, Avril noted that she did not get a child to generate revenue like her celebrity counterparts who have been cashing in on brand endorsements.

In an interview, Avril also spoke about motherhood, wedding bells, and more. Read the excerpts below.

Why have you kept your baby off the public limelight more than one year later?

I was not raised in the limelight and I would prefer my baby not be in the limelight. I am raising a human being and as much as my life is public, his is not. Additionally, I didn’t have a child to generate revenue.

But how has motherhood changed you as a person?

I learn new things every day and motherhood is a new chapter that continues to reveal me to me. I am enjoying this journey of raising a little one.

What after-birth keep-fit regimes did you consider to keep off baby fat?

Breastfeeding is the plug. I didn’t do any crazy regimes after giving birth. I also just try to keep my diet as healthy as possible.

Have you still shelved the idea of becoming a wife or should we expect wedding bells soon?

You will be the first people I tell when the time comes.

Recently, there has been a hot debate regarding children raised by single parents. What’s your honest opinion on this?

Whereas it is important for a child to be raised in a family setting with both parents present, the backward thinking that a school’s administration would have to think less of a child who does not have both parents present in his/her life should be revised. We have great people out here who were raised by single parents.

What are some of the music projects you are pursuing currently?

I recently released a single titled Kitoko with Congolese artiste L Rice and was also recently featured on Dan Aceda’s Electricity. However, I have more projects in the pipeline from my representation with Link Sasa Universal.

How much did your recent endorsement with phone makers Oppo bring in to your bag and what does it mean to you as an artiste?

Yes, I was endorsed as their social media influencer, especially for the Oppo F11 Pro smartphone brand. The F11 pro is an impressive phone that I had the privilege of using and telling people about my experience, with my best experience still remaining the 48MP plus 5MP dual camera and the 16MP selfie pop-up shooter; my social media posts elaborately speaks this. As a social media influencer, I speak of my experience with the phone. However, I can’t talk about the money part.

What’s your opinion on the #PlayKenyanMusic debate?

If you have the opportunity and are in a place to play good Kenyan music, do so. It’s absurd that there should be a debate about it. A lot of creatives are becoming more depressed.

What could be wrong and what should one do if they are in such a situation?

Mental health is an issue throughout the globe and not just a creatives’ problem. But the more we speak about it the more we encourage people to know what they are going through and seek help immediately. Your parting shot. It is a great time to be alive.

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