“I Am Not a Single Mom.” Avril Speaks on Baby Daddy

October 1, 2018

Kenyan songbird Avril Nyambura is not a single mother.

The ‘Nikimuona’ hitmaker has for the first time spoken about the lucky man in her life who sired her first child. While she declined to reveal the man’s identity, Avril spoke fondly about him saying he is her best friend and is supportive.

“I am not a single mom. The father of the child supports me and supports the child.”

She added: “Our friendship is very close, we had to make sure that we have a very strong friendship and a very strong relationship so that we can be able to raise our child, so that’s exactly where we are. He’s amazing, he is my best friend.”

She was speaking in an interview with a local TV station, where she was asked if the father of her son is video director, J Blessing.

Avril responded saying it was not necessary for her to reveal who her baby daddy is, but when the right time comes she will.

“If at any one point in time I’ll feel like talking about the father of my child I will but at this particular time I don’t think it’s necessary. But if J Blessing comes for an interview ask him that question,” she said.

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