Huddah: I Dropped Out of College But I’m Hiring Graduates as CEO’s

June 19, 2019

Huddah Monroe has more or else trashed the school education system citing herself as an example of a college drop out who went on to become a success in business.

For the longest time, the petite former nude model was branded a bimbo in social media circles. This appeared to stop when Huddah started flexing her business muscles about two years ago with the launch of Huddah Cosmetics.

The business has been doing relatively well and it was recently selected as the first social commerce merchant on Mula Shops.

For someone without a college education, I think it’s safe to say that Huddah may not be a complete bimbo after all.

Speaking about her business acumen, Huddah disclosed that she dropped out of college to give her younger brothers the chance to education.

“Coming from a poor family, I didn’t graduate. I stopped college halfway to give my younger brothers the chance to education.

“I am good at starting businesses then I hire graduates as C.E.Os, accountants and managers and people with more knowledge on business than me and give them good pay. They build the companies as I vacation away enjoying the fruits of my labour,” Huddah said.

According to the entrepreneur who also has her own brand of cigars, not all things are taught in school.

“If being in school truly taught the art of doing business, those lecturers wouldn’t be wasting their time teaching, they would be billionaires. Not all things are taught in school. You gotta be born with it I guess,” she concluded.

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