Why I Kissed My Wife 6 Times in Five Years- Terence Creative

June 19, 2019

Online comedian Terrence Macharia better known as Terence Creative can count the number of times he kissed his wife Millicent Chebet during their five-year dating period.

Speaking in a recent interview on TV, the radio personality once again opened up on his past addiction to smoking, this time revealing how it took a toll on his relationship with Chebet.

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According to Terence, he only kissed Chebet about six times during their courtship.

The saddest thing that I have never said in the years that I dated my wife, we were together for like five years. We never kissed properly. There is a stench from people who smoke. I can remember we only kissed like six times hizo siku zingine nilikuwa najibamba tu wacha nilambe shingo. It was so bad. Alafu when I quit smoking I didn’t even tell her because alikuwa ananitusi oh ukiacha sigara nitakukiss kila siku. So nikawacha sigara nikanyamaza for one month nikamkumbusha,” recalled Terence.

The funnyman also spoke candidly about his addiction to gambling; he said he once lost a cool Sh1.2 million in three days.

I have been earning quite some good money through laugh industry. Way back I used to hustle and get some money. What I remember over those few years like four five, I lost over Sh5 Million. There is one point I gambled Sh1.2 million in three days,” said Terence.

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