Mejja Explains Why He No Longer Trusts Women

May 31, 2019

Genge hitmaker Mejja is still reeling from the effects of his failed marriage; he says it has become harder for him to trust women after his ex-wife walked out of their marriage. To make matters worse, she broke up with the rapper via SMS.

“It took me one year to get over it but even to date, I am still affected,” Mejja said.

Adding, “I have realised that you can’t fight depression with money. What helped me was the support system from my friends.”

Mejja disclosed that at some point, he dialed one of the numbers advertised on roadsides for prayers. “I was stressed completely.”

The Jana Kuliendaje hitmaker can no longer bring himself to trust women. “I have gone on dates with different women but I am no longer patient. Immediately I notice red flags, I just quit,” he said.

In a past interview, Mejja confessed that he contemplated suicide but was able to overcome those dark thoughts with the help of a friend.

“As a man, sharing that with my friends was the hardest thing. It consumed me for so long but at last, I decided to open up,” he said.

“Committing suicide was one of the thoughts that came to my mind, especially because I felt like there was something wrong. But the best thing was that I had a friend who would come to my house. After three months, though, things started working out and I was able to move on.”

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