Celebrated Nairobi-based musician Jean-Pierre Nimbona, popularly known to many as Kidum, is repopulating the earth as God instructed in the book of Genesis.

The Burundian musician and his Bungoma wife are months away from welcoming their first child together. The ‘Haturudi Nyuma’ crooner announced the news on social media, posting pictures of his heavily pregnant wife on Instagram.

Once delivered, the baby will be Kidum’s seventh child; six are from his previous failed marriages.

“Yes, I’m married. Three times and with six children,” Kidum said in a past interview. Adding, “Not at the same time. I met my first wife when I was still a refugee. She was also a refugee. We stayed together for five years after which we separated.

“When I went back home to Burundi I met my second wife whom we stayed together for 10 years and then we separated. At this point, my music had started picking up and it was a little bit difficult to balance between career and family. I am now with my third wife.”

Speaking about his third wife, Kidum said he met her nine years ago while she was in University.

“I will not tell you her name but I met her in 2010. She is from Bungoma. I knew her when she was still a university student and what attracted me to her was her simplicity. She would juggle her studies with selling bananas.  At that time I was looking for someone who would love me for who I am and not for money or fame. She is a beautiful woman and has been with me through thick and thin.”