Kambua’s Pregnancy Gives Hope to Childless Singer Evelyn Wanjiru

May 21, 2019

Over the weekend, social media was awash with congratulatory messages after gospel singer Kambua announced her pregnancy.

The former TV host has been married for seven years, during which time she was subjected to cyberbullying for being childless. In an appearance on Citizen TV’s Breakfast Show last Friday, Kambua narrated how the cyberbullying affected her.

“I could tweet about anything and then someone will ask, utazaa lini?”

“There’s nothing I haven’t been told, from you must have aborted many children, go get yourself checked, ulirogwa na nani?” Kambua said.

Hope For Other Women

Having overcome those shameless bullies, Kambua is now serving as an inspiration to many women struggling to conceive. One such woman is Kambua’s close friend and fellow gospel songbird Evelyn Wanjiru.

Evelyn, just like Kambua, has endured seven years of being childless. In fact, they had their wedding on the same day.

“Fun fact is that Kambua and I had our weddings on the same day, 7th of April and that gives me hope and when I see that God has remembered her I have faith that my blessings are on the way. I am so happy for her and extremely excited because that gives me hope,” said Evelyn.

Speaking with Radio Jambo presenter Massawe Japanni, Evelyn said people including her close friends sometimes pressure her.

“There is a day a friend asked me to close myself in a closet and ask God for a child. That thing hurt me a lot but my husband encouraged me to wait for God’s time,” she said.

Adding, “One thing that doesn’t stress me is the fact that my husband always gives me hope and strength. I know in the African culture people expect newlyweds to bear children. I know it’s seven years since we got married but I am still waiting upon God and I believe He will bless us with a child.”

The ‘Mungu mkuu’ singer said she is under medication for hormonal imbalance and also due to the kind of foods she eats. She urged women who are going through the same to take a bold step and visit a doctor.

“Be patient and do not lose hope. Visit a doctor and try and understand what is wrong with your body, because in Africa I know we do not like going to hospitals. Also, pray because I have faith in God and I know His promises are true and I believe my day will come,” she said.

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