The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday May 21)

May 21, 2019

Here are today’s biggest headlines.

Google may just have killed Huawei’s bid to become the world’s top smartphone brand

Google is cutting back on its business with Huawei, following an order from the Trump administration barring US firms from selling to the Chinese tech company.

Losing Huawei as a customer could cost US tech companies $11 billion

New US measures that restrict exports to Huawei could cost Silicon Valley billions in lost revenue.

Huawei: ‘All options are on the table’

Huawei said Thursday it has not ruled out legal action to resolve a growing crisis with the Trump administration following the Commerce Department’s decision Wednesday to place the Chinese tech giant on a trading blacklist.

The Game of Thrones finale didn’t air in China. Some fans are blaming the trade war

The burning question for millions of “Game of Thrones” fans in China on Monday: Is the US-China trade war now being fought in the battlefields of Westeros?

‘Game of Thrones’ finale flies high

The HBO drama’s last episode flies high, but amid soaring expectations and the stumbles along the way, can’t quite stick the landing

Kylian Mbappe says he’s reached a ‘turning point’ in his career

As the football season begins to wind down, the cogs in the transfer rumor machine inevitably begin to turn ahead of a summer window in which the world’s best players are predicted to move clubs.

Young sperm whale found dead with stomach full of plastic

Environmental campaigners are raising the alarm after a sperm whale was found dead on an Italian beach with plastic in its stomach.

Morehouse College grads are surprised by a billionaire’s promise to pay off their student loans

Morehouse College seniors got a surprise Sunday when billionaire investor Robert F. Smith announced during his commencement speech that he would pay off the student loan debt for the historically black college’s graduating class.

Boat carrying Uganda footballers capsizes

Nine people have been confirmed dead and dozens more are missing after a boat capsized in western Uganda on Sunday. The boat was carrying more than 50 football players and fans from the western Uganda district of Hoima. Witnesses say overloading and bad weather are probably to blame for the accident, as rescue attempts continue.

Huawei’s Android loss: How it affects you

The restrictions being placed on Huawei’s access to the Android operating system will cast a long shadow over Tuesday’s launch of the Chinese company’s latest handsets. The firm has invited press from across the globe to London to witness the unveiling of its Honor 20 Series smartphones.

Game of Thrones finale gets mixed response

The final episode of Game of Thrones has been broadcast, drawing to a close one of the most successful series in television history. But the season eight finale has received a mixed reaction from fans and critics. More than a million viewers signed a petition to have the eighth season remade with more “competent writers”.

Ford announces 7,000 job cuts

US car giant Ford has announced it will cut 7,000 jobs globally by the end of August in an effort to save costs. The plan will reduce Ford’s workforce by 10% and will be made through both voluntary and forced redundancies, according to the firm.

The doctor who invented 18 medical devices

Consultant Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi is not your typical healthcare professional. He’s also an entrepreneur. Since 2010, Bangalore-based Dr Chaturvedi, has co-invented 18 medical devices to help address inefficiencies he’s spotted in the Indian healthcare system.

‘Game of Thrones’ fans spot a plastic water bottle in the finale

It’s thirsty work being in the hottest series finale of the year. Following that coffee cup debacle earlier in in the eighth and final season, eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fans have spotted another stray object within the final episode: a plastic water bottle.

Brienne of Tarth writing about Jaime Lannister’s legacy gets the meme treatment

This post contains spoilers galore. If you’ve not watched the very final episode of Game of Thrones, I’d recommend averting your eyes immediately. It just wouldn’t be a Game of Thrones finale without the creation of a brand new meme. And the very last episode of the beloved show did not fail to deliver on that count.

Huawei reportedly cut off by major chipmakers Intel and Qualcomm

Huawei is finding itself in even more of a pickle. Chipmakers Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and Broadcom have told employees to stop supplying to Huawei until further notice, according to Bloomberg, which cited anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

Emilia Clarke posts a touching goodbye to ‘Game of Thrones’

The journey may not have ended as we might’ve hoped for our Mother of Dragons. But Emilia Clarke is still our Khaleesi to the bitter end. On Instagram, the Game of Thrones actress wrote a tearful goodbye to the show that launched her career and made her practically family with the cast and crew over eight seasons.

Spotify’s first piece of hardware is a voice assistant for your car

It’s a car thing. That’s the name of Spotify’s first voice-controlled plug-in smart device: Car Thing. In a blog post Friday, the music streaming company said the device would play music and podcasts for a “small group” of invited Spotify Premium users in the U.S.

China’s indoctrination app downloaded more than Gmail

The Chinese Communist Party’s indoctrination app is absolutely crushing it. Study the Great Nation, available in the App Store, allows users to spend hours a day learning about their Great Leader, taking quizzes to demonstrate their devotion to said leader, and parroting back their absolute favorite leader’s quotes.

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