How Pastor Kuria Performed ‘Miracle’ on Woman With HIV

May 7, 2019

Pastor Paul Kuria has sensationally claimed to have healed a woman living with HIV during one of his crusades.

The controversial preacher made the revelation in an interview with Radio Jambo.

“She came up to me and told me she had HIV and from what I know, HIV has no cure,” recalled ‘Man Kush’.

He went on to add, “So I just raised my hand, because I was already done with my crusade in Karatina and said, ‘Father in the name of Jesus heal this one if it’s possible and I said Amen.”

Kuria, who is the overseer of Home of Glory Joy Ministry, said he met the woman two years later when he confirmed his ‘miracle’.

“I met her two years later and she was healed. She had faith and I spoke the word and God healed,” recounted Kuria.

Man Kush, who believes he was called by God himself, recently grabbed headlines when he invited ‘generous’ politicians to his church. He asserted that he doesn’t care about where leaders get the money from as long as they made contributions to his church.

“All politicians giving money should come to my church because I don’t care where they get the money from,” he said.

“Saying that politicians should not bring money in church is lying to yourself because to me, a church is like a hospital, where everyone goes so they can get healed. If you remain there, you are mad.”

Pastor Kuria Invites ‘Generous’ Politicians: “I Don’t Care About Source of Money”

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