Zari Reacts to Leaked S*x tape: “It’s Old News”

April 30, 2019

Zari Hassan is seemingly unbothered after her nemesis, blogger Mange Kimambi, unearthed an old sex tape of the Ugandan businesswoman pleasuring herself.

The online war of words between Zari and Mange started over the weekend when the blogger accused the South Africa based businesswoman of living a fake life that included renting cars to show off on Instagram.

In her rant, Mange alleged that Zari spreads her legs in exchange for money and gifts. She further posted Zari’s old bedroom video before Vanessa Mdee asked her to pull it down.

But Zari in her response described the tape as “old news” and took shots at Mange accusing her of being an escort in the USA and living in the ghetto.

In her clap back, Zari shared a beautiful scenery taken from the balcony of her home and captioned it “Where to watch beautiful sunsets. Sio ghetto za trump nausaidizi wa food stamps.”

She added, “Nasubiri jibu, K*** yako imekupa nini? Iyo tape ni old news. Usiponipa jibu ongeza kunya packet ya omo this time add jik.”


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Gucci lane???…..??To whom…….!??

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In a past interview, Zari revealed that the tape was leaked by a former lover who tried to extort money from her.

“I’m not ashamed of my past, you don’t plan a sex video to come out. The time I left Ivan I was dating a person and because it was a long distance relationship thing, we would get on the phone and do whatever we have to do, we were adults and we had our intimate moments. It came to a point where this person had recorded a session. It came to a point where I decided to leave the relationship and he blackmailed me that I should pay him. I said it’s fine, you wanna release this video? It’s fine. You cannot blackmail me for having a relationship with you. You wanna blackmail me by releasing my sex video that you recorded? It’s fine go ahead and he did. It’s in the past,” said Zari.

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