Watch: Jua Cali Taps Jason Dunford, Romantico For Feel-Good Club Banger ‘Baila Baila’

April 18, 2019

Genge star Jua Cali has finally delivered his highly anticipated collabo with Jason Dunford alias Samaki Mkuu and Romantico.

The 32-year old retired swimmer -Dunford-  and Romantico first took the country by surprise in December last year when they dropped ‘Mbaya’. During one of his media interviews to promote the track, Romantico caught the attention of the Genge King Jua Cali.

“Romantico had embraced genge and rapped in Swahili, which got my attention,” Jua Cali said.

“They came up to sign a few papers in the studio and then I saw him and remembered he was the guy I saw talking about genge. He was with Jason at that time, and I was thinking Romantico was the manager. Then Jason told me he also raps.”

Romantico, who came to Kenya as a Mexican missionary, fell in love with the country’s culture and decided to stay.

He prides himself in creating a new musical genre – Gengeton, which merges Genge(a hip-hop derivative that emerged from Nairobi) and Reggaeton, a genre rooted in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“I studied theology but I always loved music, and so I fell in love with genge. From my reggaeton background, I listened to and loved genge, and so I decided to choose music, despite my love for the mission and also helping people,” Romantico said.

The trio’s new Gengeton hit is dubbed ‘Baila Baila’, a feel-good club banger that’s destined to dominate the party scene.

Watch ‘Baila Baila’ below. Rating 7.5/10.

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