Johnson Mwakazi Says WTV Shutdown After Just Three Years was his Lowest Moment

April 5, 2019

Media personality Johnson Mwakazi says his lowest moment in life was when WTV (Wholesome TV) had to close up shop after three years of operation.

The former Citizen TV news presenter was the CEO of WTV after he had quit the Royal Media Services owned channel.

“I started a TV station and after three years it didn’t work out. I remember there were families depending on it as their source of daily bread, and to call them and tell them we are closing down and that we would be releasing some of them was the lowest moment in my entire life.”

Mwakazi adds; “Sometimes I meet them, I’m glad some have jobs, but when I look back, if only I had the option, I would have given them. I would have wanted to have more people employed there.”

The golden-voiced journalist and voice-over artiste now runs his company, Royal Voice.

“Nowadays, I tell myself that maybe this is where I will feed more people and generations to come,” says Mwakazi.

In a radio interview, Mwakazi also opened up his battle with pornography addiction back in the day. He said he was introduced to the vice by a friend.

“I realized how influence can work. It wrecked my life but I thank this pastor who came and introduced me to faith, and I realised there is something bigger. I wish someone would have told me before,” he said.

He said every time he watched porn, he felt some guilt.

“That guilt is part of the change because it does not just stop by saying I am stopping. It does not work like that, but you have to pick yourself up.”

Mwakazi called on parents not to wait until their children are introduced to vices like drugs by strangers.

“Be open to these issues and really speak about your stand.”

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