Unreal PHOTO of Nameless Working as a Machine Operator in a Factory

April 5, 2019

Kuna kutoka mbali and then there’s Nameless. No disrespect to the 42-year-old veteran pop artist but the guy is a relic, having been in the music business since 1999.

And despite being a household name in East Africa and beyond for decades, there are still interesting details about the hitmaker that are not privy to many.

Before he became Nameless, Mr David Mathenge was just another ordinary youtman studying at the University of Nairobi.

Where it gets interesting, however, is the singer’s life before he joined campus to pursue undergraduate degree in architecture. After completing his high school education at the private Strathmore school, Nameless kept busy at a factory in Nairobi’s Industrial area.

The ‘Salary’ singer took to his Instagram on Thursday to post a picture that stunned some of his followers and inspired others.

He captioned the snap; “TBT ?Salari oh oh. .. Here I had been promoted to “machine operator” ?Kwa factory flani hapo industrial area… Worked for 2 years hapa before joining campus. #mjengo #machineoperator#Mathenge #dontlaugh#nawajuanyinyi #BRCmesh.”

The picture opened a gateway to his roasting as celebrities and fans alike ganged up to make fun of him.

Chris Kirwa wondered; “But kwani nini munavaanga trouser ndani ya overall …. hamusiakiangi joto.” Nameless responded; “overall ni yakuprotect trouser from uchafu Bana. Huwezi vaa overall bila trouser Bana.”

Singer Vivianne joked; “You look like that machine ???”

While Jessy the MC lacked the words, only writing, “Woi ???”

Rapper BonEye added; “#Respect ??” while Fena noted that; “Mungu Halali!”

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime simply commented, “hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha”

If anyone ever needed a reminder that life gets better, this is definitely it.

Nameless many many years later;

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