“Ben Githae Has 6 Other Children Out of Wedlock,” Baby Mama Accuses Singer of Lying

March 1, 2019

Apparently, when gospel singer Ben Githae went on a radio interview and confessed to cheating on his wife and siring two children, he was not telling the absolute truth.

In the interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, Githae indicated that his affair with his baby mama Rose Wanjiru was a one-night stand that resulted in the birth of their twin daughters.

Well, according to Ms Wanjiru, her relationship with the ‘Tano Tena’ hitmaker wasn’t a one-night stand as they dated for three years before she became pregnant.

Speaking to Tuko.co.ke after Githae’s interview, Ms Wanjiru reiterated that they were in a five-year relationship after Githae convinced her that he had divorced his wife.

“I would like to tell Ben Githae to stop soiling my name because he is the one who looked for me and not the other way round. And about kids, we did not get them after a one-night affair, I have been with him for a very long time,” she stated.

The mother of three says it was Githae’s idea to have a baby.

Wanjiru also revealed that during their affair, Githae told her that he has six other children out of wedlock. She said she had been receiving calls from Githae’s baby mama threatening her.

“I am not the one who ruined his marriage, it is his bad manners that ruined him. We dated for three years before I got pregnant. In fact, he is the one who asked me to sire with him,” she added.

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