Morgan Heritage Member “Humbled” by Senator Kang’ata Naming Child after her

January 30, 2019

Una Morgan, a member of the sibling Reggae music group Morgan Heritage, has gotten word that a Senator in Kenya has named his child after her.

Mr Irungu Kang’ata, who is the Senator for Murang’a County, while professing his love for reggae music last week, revealed that he named his second child Una Morgan.

“I named my second child Euna Morgan. How Comes’ is one of Morgan Heritage’s songs that really inspire people because they are highlighting the challenges people go through in life,” said Kang’ata during an interview with the Star.

“I love most of their songs because they touch a lot about family. I sing it to my wife just to encourage her because I am busy with politics, I still have to create time for my family. I love reggae but I think I love Morgan Heritage’s songs more because of the message they have.”

No sooner had the Senator’s revelation reached social media than Una Morgan responded, expressing her gratitude.

She tweeted: “I am sooo humbled by this. I’m grateful my family could have a positive impact on people’s lives and families. I cannot wait to meet her.”


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