Senator Kang’ata Talks Love for Reggae, Naming Child after Morgan Heritage

January 25, 2019

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata is a self-confessed reggae music diehard who has named his child after a member of Grammy Award-winning Reggae royalty, Morgan Heritage.

Speaking to the Star about his love for reggae, Kang’ata, who is a former DJ, said he named his second child Una Morgan- after the sister of the Morgan siblings, who has since retired after suffering a heart attack in 2015.

He revealed that he grew up listening to reggae music and even became a famous DJ in his county.

“While in university I was suspended after opposing the parallel degree programme. I became a DJ just to keep me going while out of school. I used to be called DJ Nyutu in Murang’a for two years,” he said.

He says he loves listening to the popular Jamaican genre because most of it talks about real-life issues.

“‘How Comes’ is one of Morgan Heritage’s songs that really inspire people because they are highlighting challenges people go through in life. Why the youth in the ghetto don’t get the education like those in urban areas,” he says.

“I love most of their songs because they touch a lot about family. I sing it to my wife just to encourage her because I am busy with politics, I still have to create time for my family. I love reggae but I think I love Morgan Heritage’s songs more because of the message they have.”

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