Avril Talks Balancing Work and Being a First Time Mom

January 30, 2019

Pop musician Avril is getting the hang of being a new mother to her first child.

The songbird, who delivered her son last year, has shared how motherhood has changed her life. In a recent interview with Kiss 100, Avril admitted to facing challenges, especially during the first couple of months.

“Motherhood has it’s trials, especially for a new mum right at the beginning when it hasn’t quite hit you that this is your life now; but it’s the most rewarding chapter of my life that I have ever found myself in,” said Avril.

Adding: “It’s teaching me a  love that I never knew existed, patience that has brought me so much peace.”

On balancing work and raising her child, Avril noted that she’s lucky because she is self-employed.

The fatigue at the beginning weighed me and I’ll admit got me a bit loopy, but once I got a hang of things I started being a very happy tired person.

“Later I think the greatest challenge started being striking that balance as a working mother. I am fortunate to be self-employed so I spend a lot of time with my son, but there comes a time when I need to travel for a couple of days; that’s usually pretty hard for me especially emotionally. The first time was the worst.” 

In a past interview, Avril said she was not a single mother as had been alluded by some people.

While she declined to reveal the man’s identity, Avril spoke fondly about him saying he is her best friend and is supportive.

“I am not a single mom. The father of the child supports me and supports the child.”

She added: “Our friendship is very close, we had to make sure that we have a very strong friendship and a very strong relationship so that we can be able to raise our child, so that’s exactly where we are. He’s amazing, he is my best friend.”

On if the man if J Blessing, Avril responded: “If at any one point in time I’ll feel like talking about the father of my child I will but at this particular time I don’t think it’s necessary. But if J Blessing comes for an interview ask him that question.”

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