Funny Old PHOTO of Jalang’o will Inspire you to Trust the Process

January 11, 2019

This man Jalang’o! He has been the talk of the town, admired and disliked in equal measure, following his unpopular opinion on the hot debate about the struggling Kenyan music industry.

Amid the sharp criticism, the Milele FM presenter has maintained that local music acts need to change their work ethic if they are to rule the airwaves like their Bongo and Nigerian counterparts.

For someone who has had such an immense career in media as an actor, television/radio presenter, events MC, Jalang’o undoubtedly knows a thing or two about work ethic.

It must be why he has been so passionate about calling for harder work from local musicians.

On Thursday, Jalas took to social media to remind his fans and haters alike to trust in the process. He shared a picture taken about fourteen years ago when he was just a budding actor in a play –¬†Aminata.

Jalango used the throwback picture to inspire, writing: “This is me acting as “Jumba” in the play Aminata! This in Tombe girls High school in KISII. The year is 2005! Alot can change in a very short time…Ruthless Focus! Always respecting and trusting the process…giving your all and where you come from to always motivate you! At this time all I had was God and everyday all I did was pray and work hard to ensure my family would move from our status! Sadly my Dad passed on the day I got my first employment…If it’s your business light it up before people believe in you! You must always know that not everybody loves you being at the top but only you want to see yourself at the top! God above everything!”

In another post, he reiterated that; “There will never be a replacement for hard work.”

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