Akothee Rallies Kenyan Celebs to Raise School Fees for Needy KCPE Top Performers

January 4, 2019

Kenyan musician Akothee is looking to have a year of positive vibes only. To this end, the singer has turned to philanthropy and helping the less fortunate in the society.

Akothee’s first noble cause of the year has seen her call on Kenyan celebrities and wellwishers to raise school fees for three needy pupils who performed well in last year’s KCPE but were unsure of joining secondary school.

The plight of two of the pupils-  Gabriel Miseda Ogweno and Julius Taiko – was highlighted by the Daily Nation newspaper on Tuesday.

14-year-old Gabriel Miseda Ogweno, who was allowed to write the examinations despite having a fee balance of Sh27,050, scored 440 marks and is supposed to join Maranda High School.

“My parents are casual workers too poor to take me to a national school. My fear is that I could land in a poorly facilitated day school in the neighbourhood, meaning I would have to work extremely hard,” Mr Ogweno said during the interview at their home on Sunday.

While Julius Taiko, 16, was abandoned by his mother at a tender age but a good Samaritan stepped in. He attended Imbaruetin Community Complex Primary School in little-known Namelok village in Kajiado South and scored 372 marks.

“He beat the odds with his exemplary performance despite attending a little-known public school,” said his foster mother Peninah Paiko.

“We appeal to well-wishers to support the boy. I have taken care of him since he was young, when I found him abandoned by the road.”

Moved by their plight, Akothee took to social media to rally Kenyan celebrities to come to the students’ rescue.

“Lets all hold on holidays & fun , I would like to be part of this 2 students tag all celebrities and well wishers. My hands are already full with school fee this year, but let’s do this family, tag all the Kenyan celebs here. We needchange, hii haitushindi, mpaka gospel artists lets goo, sisi tulishindwa kusoma wacha wengine walio na akili watu somee,” wrote Akothee.

In a subsequent post, Akothee revealed that well-wishers had managed to raise enough money for three students.

“Just by one post we have educated 2 boys &1 girl up to form four. The Muranga girl I will personally take her and register her in the school of her choice.”

Akothee named media personality Janet Mbugua and TV producer/ Music Video Director J Blessing as some of the Kenyan celebrities who have joined her cause.


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mm just by one post We have educated 2 boys &1 girl upto form four , Education is key , give it to the needy , Muranga I am coming Kajiado I am on my way , details following as soon as I land , thank you soo much my fans , I love you I love Youu , See you soon , MY FANS ARE WONDERFULL , This page is for growth 2019 tables are turned, the Muranga girl I will personally take her and register her in the school of her choice , If I have time for slaying why not touch hearts , for the boys , please choose 2 artists 1 Gospel and 1sekiula ???to go admit this boys in school, lets change the face of 2019 with reaching out , tag them all , I know @officialjanetmbugua will come with me to Muranga , @jibrilblessing is coming with me to kajiado see blessings , and my fans are coming with me everywhere I LOVE YOU

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