Songstress Lady Jaydee Nearly Swallows Poison to End Her Life

September 28, 2018

Bongo songbird Judith Wambura alias Lady Jaydee has shocked her followers on social media after revealing how she almost took her own life on Tuesday.

According to the singer, she contemplated committing suicide by ingesting poison but restrained herself after remembering how far she has come.

The sultry ‘Yahaya’ songstress made the revelation on Twitter, drawing concern and worry from hundreds of her fans.

She admitted that the situation she was in has still not changed but she is determined to live.

“Jana nilihisi kunywa sumu ila kabla sijafanya nikajisuta na kujikumbusha nilipotoka na kujiuliza nitakuwa mjinga kiasi gani. Nikajisikitikia tu kisha nikaacha. Na leo bado nipo kigumu gumu ila bado nipo,” she tweeted.

While reacting to the shocking confession, most of Lady Jaydee’s fans urged her to seek professional help, noting that she hasn’t been quite herself for a couple of months.

In April this year, Lady Jaydee lost her mother, Martha Mbibo, after a long battle with cancer of the bladder. This has been seen by some as one of the reasons why Lady Jaydee is going through a difficult period.

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