Monica Kimani: The Heart-rending Eulogy of a Father to Her Daughter

September 28, 2018

The family of Monica Kimani was inconsolable as friends and family gathered for a requiem mass at MKU grounds in Thika yesterday.

Viewing the lifeless body of Ms Kimani in a casket triggered so much anguish that the parents had to be supported. Her father, Paul Ngarama, tried in vain to fight back tears as he paid a moving tribute to his slain daughter.

This was his message to his daughter:

“It has been one week even as we have memorial service for you. I still can’t believe that you are gone, Monica! I keep looking at the door hoping that any given moment you would walk right in and say, hi Dad. Here I am, still waiting for you, with a big smile in your face. I miss your big smile, the smile that always melts my heart.

“The most beautiful girl in the whole world. My beautiful daughter, I remember when you were growing up. You always wanted to have a good life. You refused any cheap things and cheap life. Even education. [Sobs]

“When I took you to a public school, you said, no dad. That school is not for my class. I want to go to another academy. From Thika Barracks Primary School to Tumaini School. After primary school you went Sashiri secondary school and became the head girl and that’s where you portrayed your leadership ability. Nothing could stop you from achieving what you wanted in life, you were always a go-getter. You made it in life. I am proud of you my angel Baby girl I love you most. You were the kindest person I know.

“God favored you whenever you went. You loved kids especially your niece, Victoria. We were blessed to see her. Your love for the family was amazing. You loved your brother, George. Nobody could separate you two. For your brother Solomon, you loved him so much and wanted the best for him in his life. You said your mum was your role model. And you always made sure she lacked nothing.

“Monica, you wanted the best for your family [sobs] I remember you telling me “dad I want to get you the best car in the world’ Your goodness was endless, my angel. You inspire me to go to greater heights You made me realize that I was never meant to die as a barber. You promised that you never want to get married without your own car and your own house and surely you did.

“You bought your mum Subaru Imprezza last week…we celebrated. You promised me a V8 Land Cruiser on your birthday as a surprise…I’m still waiting. A daughter of barber to the MD of a family company.”

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