Hilarious: Watch Joey Muthengi Struggle With ‘Water Walking Ball’ – VIDEO

September 4, 2018

Citizen TV news presenter Joey Muthengi is in the running to become the newest “struggle” meme on social media.

This after her struggle with a giant water walking ball on live television left views and netizens in bouts of laughter. Ms Muthengi, together with her ‘DayBreak’ cohost Willis Raburu, kickstarted their Monday in epic fashion as they hit the Two Rivers Mall for some water fun.

One of the fun activities included walking on water, albeit inside an inflatable water walking ball. Being her first time inside the ball, Joey Muthengi flopped badly and brought embarrassment to her whole village. She just couldn’t find her balance and tumbled every time she tried despite boasting 12 years of yoga.

To make matters worse, the incident was aired on live television.

However, Joey Muthengi was quite the sport as she accepted her embarrassment with grace and even cracked up her social media followers with a video of the incident and a hilarious caption blaming her fail on the weather and rising fuel prices.

She wrote: “Me tryna get thru Monday…and life in general ???? #Adulting. Commentary by Willis Raburu. This was on live TV and I’m so embarrassed on behalf of my village people.?? I was literally just trying to stand up ?.12 years of yoga and I could not find my center ? I blame the weather and rising fuel prices. #DayBreak #BoraUhai”

Check her out below.

Meanwhile, Willis Raburu appeared to be having quite the blast. Watch below.

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