Zari Hassan Blasted for Putting Son’s Life in Danger

September 4, 2018

Zari Hassan’s maternal instincts have been questioned by concerned netizens who are convinced she has put the life of her son in danger.

The mother of five was going about her usual business of posting on social media when she inadvertently shared what people termed as ‘private’ information.

Zari was over the weekend celebrating her three sons when she appeared to share sensitive information about her son, Raphael. She claimed that Raphael has passwords to her bank cards.

“He has all my bank cards passwords, partner in crime. Loves the Gucci life, He’d kill for me @raphy_junior762,” wrote Zari.

The post drew criticism from social media users who noted that South Africa, where robbery crimes are rampant, is not exactly the place to share private information with the public.

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