Bongo Songbird Speaks on Rumored Relationship With Khaligraph Jones

July 4, 2018

Following his break up with Cashy months ago, Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has been linked romantically to bongo artist Sabby Angel.

The rumor mill also has it that the songbird has since relocated to Nairobi to end the couple’s lonely days apart.

But speaking to Ijumaa Wikendi, Sabby Angel refuted the dating claims saying she was in the country to work on her music.

Jamani watu mbona wambea hivyo! Kiukweli mimi nipo Kenya na kwa sasa muziki wangu ninafanyia huku lakini kuwa na uhusiano na Khali, si kweli. Nina mtu wangu huku ninayefanya naye kazi lakini si yeye[Khali],” she is quoted as saying by the publication.

The songbird, who doubles up as an actress, has in the past opened up about a past affair with Ali Kiba. She claimed that the Bongo star broke her heart that she almost took her own life.

“Love is not a joke. You won’t believe I almost killed myself because of Ali Kiba. I loved him so much. I was so hooked on him. When I felt he was betraying me, I felt my heart rip apart. Sometimes I would suffer from high blood pressure,” Sabby said.

“We had fallen out as a result of something bad he did to me. I was very hurt. I even felt worthless and felt my life was meaningless,” she stated during the interview.

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