Daylan is My Kid and Will Always Be, Diamond Tells Off Critics

June 29, 2018

Diamond Platnumz has moved to address netizens who claim that he favours his children with Zari over his son, Daylan, with Hamisa Mobetto.

Speculation was especially rife on Wednesday after the Bongo star posted a short clip of himself promoting his forthcoming tour across the United States.

In the clip, Diamond talks about being away from his family for a month, However, the clip only captures his two children with Zari, with Hamisa’s son, Daylan, conspicuously missing.

This led to claims that Diamond left him out of the promo video because he[Diamond] is not Daylan’s biological father.

When the heat became too much, the ‘Boy From Tandale’ posted another post telling off the critics trying to drive a wedge between him and his son.

“This is my Kid…and he will forever be my Kid, tena My Beloved Kid,” declared Diamond.

He explained that Daylan missed out of the clip because his videographer did not have recent footage of Diamond and Daylan.

“Hakuweza kuwepo kwenye clip iliyopita sababu Lukamba hakuwa na clip ya mimi na yeye ya hivi karibuni…na si Vinginevyo.

He concluded saying, “Halaf cha kuongeza, msiniletee Uteam wenu kwa Watoto zangu! they are all my Kids, Nawapenda na siwezi mtenga wala kumbagua yoyote.”

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