KTN Presenter Betty Kyallo Undergoes Successful Surgery

June 29, 2018

Betty Kyallo has had the tonsils that had her hospitalized last month, removed.

The bubbly KTN presenter had her fans worried in May when she shared pictures of herself getting treatment at the AAR Healthcare Karen.

On Wednesday, however, Betty had good news to share after going under the knife at the Nairobi hospital.

She posted on her Instagram account that she struggled with tonsilitis for years because she was scared of the doctor’s knife.

“Happy to be home after a successful surgery to remove my tonsils. Finally did it after being scared to do so after many years yet I kept suffering from tonsillitis inflammation almost every month,” Betty posted in part.

She added that the recovery process is not easy but she was hopeful for a quick and complete recovery.

“And as much as the recovery process is tough I’m looking forward to better days…now to the hardest part which is eating and talking… but that special ice cream diet so far is dope.”

Betty concluded by thanking God and the people who have been by her side.

“Thanks to God for a successful procedure. Big thanks to my fantastic doctor, all my friends and family who were right by my side and the amazing team at Nairobi Hospital. Blessings to you.”

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