Akothee’s Custody Battle Tips After Winning Case Over Baby Daddy

June 29, 2018

Akothee on Thursday was over the moon after finally flooring her ex-husband in a custody battle over their son.

The popular musician has been in the courts for months now battling for the custody one of her sons, believed to be Prince Ojwang.

She celebrated her win in the children’s court with an insightful post on social media, revealing how draining the case has been.

“God has done it again, he keeps doing it for the innocent ones. He fights our battles! The number of trips I made to the law courts just to fight for our safety & your rights, The number of emails back and forth between lawyers just to prove which point,” Akothee wrote in part.

The ‘Oyoyo’ hitmaker went on to share her tips with fellow mothers fighting custody battles, saying the children’s court is fair.

“Don’t hesitate to consult the children’s court every time you are having custody battles, the children’s court is plain fare[sic] and works towards the safety and interest of the children only, not love triangles. Just make sure the story you are telling is true and truth alone shall remain, no one can buy the rights of your child if you are a responsible mother! No court will take a child away from a mother if she has been there since conception,” advised Akothee.

She further warned against “selfish lawyers” who look to profit from family wrangles.

“Only a selfish lawyer can use the family situation to collect money from an irresponsible father, imagining that he can challenge the children’s court at the expense of his pocket. Family issues are very sensitive and all lawyers should think twice before misleading any party! It’s a matter of life & death! Couples have committed suicide and murdered their children!

“Don’t be a party to destroying families just to end up in a bank, you might end up like Judas. God bless all parents fighting custody battles,” she concluded.

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