Jalang’o Talks New Comedy Show ‘Otos and Jalas’, Working With Jeff, Fatherhood

May 7, 2018

Felix Odiwour, commonly known as Jalang’o, is the ultimate Jack of all trades. Jalas, as he is fondly known, is an entrepreneur, actor, director, comedian and radio presenter.

Jalas made his mark as one of the very first cast members of seasoned Citizen TV sow “Papa Shirandula.” After a hiatus from acting, the comedian is set to make a return with a new show alongside his partner in crime Otoyo.

He spoke to Nation about the new show, working with Jeff Koinange at Hot96, and more.

Is your career on TV done or are we going to see you again soon?

I’m always on the screen every day, from interviews to comedy. Apart from that we are planning to come back with a new show called Otos and Jalas. We are already shooting a local show and hopefully we will finish the 54 episodes soon. We will work on the first 20 and see what directions it will take us, and also gauge people’s response to it.

Where are you most comfortable TV, radio or hosting gigs?

Any time you give me a microphone on stage, I’m the happiest. Here you will get response immediately. Radio is my first love, TV created me, so I have never known where to draw the line. I’m much comfortable and happy when I’m on stage holding a microphone.

What was your reaction after you heard you will be hosting a morning show with Jeff Koinange?

Jeff was already my friend, I didn’t come here to be intimidated. I came here to be inspired. To me it has always been the three E’s (Exposure, Experience and Education). It is amazing working with Jeff, I learn something new every day.

You will be hosting Guinness Fanzone. What is it; is it all about football?

To me Fanzone is an experience and the most beautiful thing that any football fun can experience.

You could have your big screen TVs at home, but when fans of a team come together and share the spirit of winning and also after losing, now that’s what Fanzone is.

It is not just about football, as long as football brings most fans together. Football is one of the most supported sports. The bonding, interacting and the spirit all put together creates what a fanzone is.

In 2016, you raised Sh1 million for a church within a minute, how is it doing?

We are done with the church and it is one of the best things that I have ever done to the people back home. For me, it was not even about giving Sh1 million, it was about giving back to the community.

That is where my parents used to worship and they did not have a good permanent structure. It is most probably the church that will one day pray for me when my time (to depart) comes.

You, again, a couple of months ago raised money to a girl who had walked 40 kilometres to her new school. How is she doing and what was your advice to her?

This girl was special, we highlighted her story on radio, and we wanted to go and visit her. Apparently, there is a lot that happens when you want to visit a school and you are not a relative. Through highlighting her story, all she has to worry about are her grades.

Everything, up to Form Four, has been cleared through people’s generosity. I told her that this was the time for her to give back, by studying hard and getting good results. And to make her mother proud.

How has fatherhood changed you?

It gives you the reason to wake up so that you can provide for your children things you never had. It keeps me going.

If your daughter said she wants to follow in your footsteps, would you discourage her?

If she has passion for it, go for it. My daughter actually wants to be a Formula One driver. In her room she has all these photos of Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher, and she wants to emulate them. Her best time is when she is at the tracks driving.

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