Betty Kyallo Reveals The Kind of Guy She Wants to Kiss, Sends Fans Wild

May 16, 2018

We are not sure if it is because of the cold weather but KTN News presenter Betty Kyallo wants a dude and a special one at that. (jk)

The popular screen siren on Tuesday night orchestrated a light-hearted moment on social media when she revealed the kind of dude she wants.

Taking to Instagram, Betty posted an enchanting selfie(otherwise known as a thirst-trap) as she flaunted her fabulous Flair hair, and captioned it with a popular Nicki Minaj line from the song “Do You Mind” with DJ Khaled and others.

She wrote: “Want a dude who’ll still kiss me when he mad.”

The post elicited excited reactions from Betty’s fans as some offered to end her lonely days and others sought divine intervention.

Betty’s clarification in the comments section that she made the post on a light note did little to stop helpless Team Mafisi members from throwing their hats in the ring for a taste of her lips.

We have sampled some of the amusing reactions:

  • kariuki8706: Close your eyes and wait
  • joymaureen43: Again Lord we are gathered this evening praying for thee thy servant @bettymuteikyallo to get that man she wants. Bwana Yesu asifiwe sana.
  • edwin.kipchirchir: I will be the man
  • irene_wamz: Ata mimi natafuta huyo???
  • shiku_wamaria: If you get 2 pls sambaza mmoja huku nipee neiba wangu”
  • don_kays: iwanttomarryyou#bettie
  • mkimbawapapa: They all died in world war 2
  • edgunners: Mama, I am here give Betty the signal.
  • d.muthomi: You will Betty, God is the provider just believe in Him and hope in Him for He will provide u the best just keep praying and asking Him too help u find the best option
  • dianahronoh: “Mama please give Betty a signal.”
  • mc_gyptian: I can do it after ramadhan Betty
  • jirarodgers: I may not be DAT hot to be ur type but I guess I can manage to kiss u wen am mad
  • hillarymacyza: It would be my pleasure ??
  • chef_humphrey: I want to be that man who will kiss you at all given time no matter the situation
  • joe_baliach: @joho_001 kuja kidogo tuongee
  • richchief: RINGTONE ako wapi ?


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