Daddy Owen Flaunts Upcoming House, Offers Wise Counsel on Investing to Fellow Artists

April 27, 2018

Over the years, cases of many Kenyan artists and creatives ending up in poverty at the twilight of their careers have been recorded.

But one Kenyan artist who has taken the right steps to ensure a comfortable retirement is gospel crooner Owen Mwatia popularly known as Daddy Owen.

The 36-Year-Old star took to social media to challenge his fellow artists and creatives to make hay while the sun shines by making investments.

The ‘Vanity’ hitmaker said it was good to be “famous” while making money but noted most creatives in the country fail to invest.

“Yes it is good to be “famous” u make money at that time but most of us creatives we fail to invest and the most unapata shida kiasi then our loopholes zinaanza kuonekana..,” wrote Daddy Owen.

He reckoned: “it’s sad when most of us end up poor and with nothing to show at the twilight years of our careers.”

To drive his point across, the Award-winning singer shared a picture of his upcoming house which is almost complete.

He said, “As I finish building my house I challenge us today.. buy land.. invest wisely.. build houses.. etc! In short let’s take care of our future now!,” and added the hashtags #PlanningMyFuture#JengaKeja.



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