Married Comedian Smart Joker Addresses Leaked WhatsApp Sexts With Another Woman

March 8, 2018

“Churchill show” comedian  Michael Omuka who is better known by his moniker the Smart Joker has finally addressed the leaked WhatsApp sexts between him and a woman who is not his wife.

The comedian denies any association with the racy text messages despite his phone number being on the WhatsApp exchanges. He claims his number was photoshopped.

“I am aware of those screenshots, but that is not the real Smart Joker, that is not what I do, I am not the one who did that. When I was sent those things, I wondered, too.”

“I am still wondering about those screenshots. All I can say is, the issue is still under investigation. There are people under the ground who are working to find out who did that,” said Smart Joker.

The comedian notes that he is not the first comedian to fall victim to malice.

“You have seen many things happen to comedians. Utaskia ‘Ohh, Churchill amefanya hivi, na unaona number yake iko hapo.’ But ukimuuliza anasema si yeye alifanya hivyo. That is the same case with me.”

He sent out a warning to the culprits behind the screenshots that they would soon be facing the consequences of their actions.

“nataka apate punishment kubwa. The person is spoiling my name. Those people, I am investigating them, and I know them but the problem is how to arrest them. They are not my friends but I know them.”

“I want that person who leaked those fake screenshots to face the consequences,” he added.

Asked what his wife thinks of those racy messages, he said, “My wife knows about that but she is busy and she knows her husband. What is there for her to comment about and she knows her husband? When you are married you know your spouse, and when something happens, the spouse will know how to handle that issue because you already know them more.”

Smart Joker with his wife

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