Huddah Monroe Says a Prayer for Homeless People as She Flaunts 7-Bedroomed Mansion

March 8, 2018

Now that the rainy season is upon us, Kenya’s top socialite Huddah Monroe has sympathized with homeless people. The popular girl-about-town had a light-bulb moment about the plight of homeless people from the comfort of her 7 bedroom mansion.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, the petite beauty felt sorry for homeless people as she flaunted her lavish crib. She even bragged that five of her 7 bedrooms remain unoccupied.

While acknowledging that she was in a bit of a conundrum, Huddah admitted that she wasn’t in a position to live with street children nor help all the homeless people. She, instead, opted to say a prayer asking God to ease their pain and struggle.

In her posts, Huddah captured almost everything from the unique staircase to the well-polished wooden floors in her massive living room.

She also showed her followers the crib’s lush green garden as she thanked the Almighty for the rain.

Below are some screen grabs

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