Rapper GKon Told To Change His Peddler After Outrageous “Blonde” Moment Involving Moha Jicho Pevu

March 29, 2018

For a guy who once claimed that he is a carbon copy American R&B singer Trey Songz in the looks department, rapper G-kon sure does know how to remain relevant with cheap publicity.

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The ‘Vile Inafaa Kufanywa’ hitmaker has managed to get people talking once again after a seemingly intentional “blonde” moment on social media.

While posting on Facebook on Tuesday, G-Kon shared a picture taken with Nyali MP Mohammed Ali but wrongfully captioned it as Garissa MP Aden Duale.

‘’Chilling out with Garisa member of parliament Hon. Duale.’’ He captioned his post:

We are not sure what games the struggling rapper was playing at but I think we can all agree that one would have to be beyond ignorant to not know Moha Jicho Pevu or Duale.

Obviously, that “gaffe” did not skip the scrutinizing eyes of Kenyans who responded in kind by telling him to quit smoking whatever he has been smoking.

One Facebook user, Joel Maina Gachie, warned: “Wewe utachunwa na Nancy Baraza mapua …you should know people…”

Another, Collo Milan, joked: “We wacha huyu ni Babu Owino.”

Michael Raphoni jokingly asked: “mmeptana na miguna miguna wapi?”


George Armstrong wrote: “If you think education is expensive just try ignorance???”

Herman Kibet Kipkogei commented: “Endea school fees….fala hii.”

“Hii bangi unavuta ni kama iko na sumu,” wrote Evans Baraka Matunda.

“Hawa mamusicians wa kenya wanakuwa mafala tu willy paul huyu alaf wanateta tukishikila Nigeria music,” commented Stan Mutua.

Sadik Baba Yao added: “Stop wat u smoking because it’s not fit for u kwanza anza kujua waheshimiwa wa kwenu.”

Djwhite Brain Child advised: “Change pedi buda.”

Dvj-Shecky Enter added: “Wah kweli Kenya tuko na Update, jana niliona miguna leo naona Duale..”

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