DK Kwenye Gym! Gospel Singer Listens to Fans’ Concerns, Hits the Gym After Fat-Shaming

February 9, 2018

Gospel music hitmaker DK Kwenye Beat has finally started his weight-loss journey.

Since the beginning of the year, the ‘Furi Furi’ singer has been the victim of fat-shaming on social media. While some of his fans were legitimately concerned about his health, a majority of his fans used the opportunity to troll and poke fun at the singer.

This prompted the singer to respond, vowing to do something about his weight.

“I am not comfortable with my weight and the most annoying question people keep on asking me is, why are you fat? Most of the people who ask me this are not genuine. However, some are concerned about my health. I have started my weight loss programme, which entails a healthy meal plan and a workout plan,” the singer said.

And just to prove his promise was not hot air, DK Kwenye Beat has shared, through Instagram, his moments in the gym.

In a series of videos, the singer is seen working himself into a sweat with the help of trainers, with Citizen TV journalist Willis Raburu cheering him on.

DK is currently flying high with a new song, Kijana wa Kayole, which depicts his life in Kayole.

Check out some of his workouts below. The guy is really working hard.


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