“My Biggest Regret is Staying Silent for a Year,” Says Mr Seed as He Makes Comeback

February 2, 2018

Urban gospel music singer Mr Seed has made his long-anticipated comeback after a one-year hiatus.

According to the musician, going on hiatus is his biggest regret.

“As a young person, I have done a couple of mistakes, but my biggest regret is staying silent for a year. A lot of things were happening and I had to stay without releasing music for that long,” said Mr Seed.

Mr Seed’s comeback single is dubbed ‘Oyoyo,’ and its video has the singer starring as a tout, something that made fans wonder if he has worked as a ‘makanga’ before.

“Sijaikua makanga, lakini nishaidandia gari. Kuna siku nikiishi Huruma, dereva hakua na makanga akaniambia nimuingizie watu. For the first time nikaona ni interesting, lakini sijaikua makanga, ni concept tu yangu. Niliona nifanye hivyo ndio ni-relate na watu. The response has been amazing, unlike my previous songs. This one blesses me.”

He added: “I do a lot of research. Sometimes I sleep at 4 am and wake up at 8 am, working. I do research on so many different things. I don’t want people to always predict what I’m going to release next.”

Speaking about his anticipated wedding, he said: “When that time for a wedding comes, I’ll make the announcement. But right now I’m just focused on music.”

Watch ‘Oyoyo’ below.

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