Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown Beef Turns Petty After Fight Over Woman

February 2, 2018

New-found frenemies Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown have taken their beef to a new low following another round of social media barbs at each other.

The two hitmakers are currently hogging the Kenyan showbiz limelight after exchanging blows last Sunday.

Earlier this week, they made it quite apparent that they are not in good terms with telling posts on social media.

Timmy captioned a picture on Instagram with lyrics from his latest hit – Kasayole, writing: “Kama una noma buda unaeza bring it. Si unajua place niko.”

While the Mombasa-bred R&B singer blurred out Timmy Tdat in a picture taken at Vanessa’s party before the fight broke out.

In the second round of exchanges, it became apparent that the musicians, who are riding high with their ‘Wembe’ collaboration, went for each other’s jugular because of a woman.

This after Timmy Tdat fired an indirect shot at Otile suggesting his girlfriend is loose.

He wrote: “Sasa kama mtu wako yuko loose kama change,bsi umweke kwa mfuko..coins ni rahisi kulost na unacheza nazo karibu na shimo ya choo my G!Hope ume learn. “Kama ni kasupa haa..bring it!”

The attack reached Otile, who responded in kind, saying Timmy Tdat is spreading false information.

“kasabunians(Timmy Tdat’s fans) your woman representative can’t shut his big mouth, am playing it cool but he is out here giving false information and so I won’t be quiet .. Wish he could say what truly happened heheh..never underestimate a singer or the quiet ones, utapigwa ulie. Thank Shafie and Prezzo,” Otile fired.

In another post yesterday, Otile wrote: “Levels.. Hauwezi nimegea ata kwa mabavu Lol Shetani Mwongo..”

This two have officially qualified to be in ‘Nairobi Diaries.’ Huko ndio umama hupatikana!

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