‘My Worst Experience in Campus was Missing my Graduation’ Patricia Kihoro Talks Campus Life

August 28, 2017

Patricia Wangechi Kihoro rose to prominence after she participated in the third season of Tusker Project Fame. During the reality talent show six years ago, she went on to be a finalist.

Since then, her star has continued to shine. She is now a singer, songwriter, actress, improvisational comedianradio and television personality.

But before all the fame, Ms Kihoro had dreams of becoming a lawyer and a physiotherapist.

She spoke to Campus Vibe about her schooling days.

Was your career your childhood dream?

As a child, I dreamt of being a singer, an actor, a lawyer and a physiotherapist. Looking back, therefore, I would say that I am living my dreams.

Which university did you attend?

Moi University in Eldoret majoring in Psychology

What unit of your major was the toughest?

Macroeconomics and Quantitative Analysis in my first year were a nightmare.

What did passing exams mean?

It meant dazzling my lecturers with different interesting perspectives from my study of human behaviour. The conversations with my lecturers that followed often made me proud.

I also just wanted to get good grades, make it to the following year and make my folks proud with my university degree.

What is your best campus experience?

The fun I had with my friends; and I don’t mean being wild and partying, but the conversations we would have, the traveling and studying we did together as well as the long walks from the hostel to the bus stop.

Maturing into adulthood with my peers shaped a lot of who I am today.

And your worst experience?

Missing my graduation because of my first TV acting gig that was postponed without my knowledge causing me to miss the ceremony for nothing.

I felt so horrible especially since my mum had a new outfit for the occasion.

Dating experience…

It was really illuminating and great. I don’t know which other way to answer this question.

How did you make money on campus and what did that mean to you?

From acting, singing and doing vocals. I would take part in musical theatre productions during the long holidays as well as sing on jingles for radio ads as well as do voice overs.

Earning from these activities gave me a sense of independence.

What change would you like effected on our education system?

The encouragement of independent and creative thinking with a specific focus on people’s strengths instead of only focusing on academic performances

Are you still in contact with your campus friends?

Yes, but not as often as often as I imagined we would. I guess that is what life does; it evolves and brings people into your life for a reason and a season. I cherish them regardless.

What would you do differently if given the chance to return to campus?

Attend my graduation no matter what for my parents’ sake.

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