NACADA Warning: Tobacco and Sheesha Being Laced with Cocaine

August 17, 2017

The National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) has noted a worrying trend in drug consumption where the youth take drugs laced with other substances.

James Macharia, NACADA’s coordinator in the Central region, said that unscrupulous traders have crafted ways of peddling harmful drugs to gullible youth.

He was speaking to the press after a stakeholders meeting at a Murang’a hotel.

“NACADA is doing its best to combat drug abuse but its good to note that more drugs are being introduced to the market and are packaged and sold in ways that are not easy to detect, for instance, tobacco is now being laced with hard drugs like cocaine,” Macharia said.

He said that NACADA has made huge progress in the fight against alcoholism saying that the vice is now manageable but raised the red flag on the increasing number of youth being introduced to hard drugs.

“I appeal to the youth to refrain from abusing drugs, for example a drug like sheesha which comes in different flavours is being laced with other substances and being sold to minors, it in turn becomes addictive and hard to quit,” he added.

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